Friday, 30 January 2015

Back to Black...on sale!

It's fair to say that black is a colour that will never go out of fashion...well at least not in my wardrobe as despite Anna Wintours hate for an all black number, in my opinion black is one of the most flattering colours a girl can wear! From leathers to sequins this seasons sales are packed with perfect key pieces, that no girl should go without!

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bargain Boots!

I strongly believe that every girl whatever her style should own at least one pair of ankle boots and despite owning several myself, I'm always on the lookout for more! I absolutely love Mango, not only because of their regular sales, but they also have an awesome outlet website, can be found here! This month Mango have excelled themselves with their clothes sale and even more so with their shoes! They have some amazing ankle boots on sale with discounts of up to 50% so theres no reason for anyone not to have a sneaky peek!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Outfit of the Week

After signing a new contract on a flat it appears that this month is going to be a budget one! However, despite my need to tighten the purse strings and resist temptation, I can't help my urge to look! So, for those of you who can spend this month here are a few ideas!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Forever looking for a bargain...

Online shopping is now bigger than ever and with online offers getting better all the time, i'm a big fan of scouring the internet trying to find a bargain. Forever 21 is a great place for those on a budget and unless you live near one of their eight stores in the UK online is the only way to do it but, with deals and sales throughout the year you can't complain!


Monday, 26 January 2015

Nail a bargain...

I'm never one for spending money on nail polishes as despite having done so in the past it appears that nothing can stop a nail varnish from going gloopy! I've also found that some of the cheaper ones are actually better! So if your fed up of spending a small fortune on polishes why not try out a pound polish today and nail a bargain! 

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Happy home on a budget...

With rent and sale prices going through the roof its good to know that making a house into a home can be cheaper than you expected. Obviously, splashing the cash on items such as beds and sofas is advised but when it comes to the little things check out what Primark has to offer!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pack up your troubles...

As the end of January approaches, sales continue to grow and prices continue to drop and although I might not be the backpack kind of girl theres no denying...these are a bargain! So, if you're wondering if a backpack is exactly what your wardrobe is missing then this is the perfect time to find out without breaking the bank!

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ikea Hacks

Like many, I'm a huge fan of spending a Sunday afternoon wandering around Ikea in the hope that I'll find something that I and others around can all stare at and say 'that doesn't look like its from Ikea either'. Obviously, this has happened on occasions which has resulted in everyone you know owning the same coffee table as you, your parents and several of your good friends. But, with D.I.Y and up-cycling becoming so popular, its no surprise that Ikea Hacks have become some what of an obsession, and a great way to make something unique. So, if you're up for a challenge or in need of a change then have a go at some of these!