Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Love your Skin...

When it comes to skin I am certainly not one to use hundreds of products as despite my bathroom looking reminiscent of any Superdrug store I generally only use three that I believe are fantastic. Granted everyones skin is different and dependent on the condition each individual is in need of products that aim to improve their problem areas. Not only is it important to keep your skin healthy its also an automatic confidence boost for anyone and can completely change the way you feel.  For me, having used several products from a range of different brands I have developed favorites, which ironically aren’t to pricey either! 

At 23 Johnsons Baby Oil is proof that its not just for babies. I absolutely love this product its fantastic to put on straight after a shower or mix in with your bath. For anyone with oily skin then this product is definitely not ideal but for me as my skin is generally normal this is great and would be ideal for anyone with dry skin. Putting just a few drops in your bath leaves your skin feeling baby soft and revived after a long hot soak. NOTE: If you have a shower in your bath just remember to wash the bath out afterwards otherwise you can think again if your planning on having a shower standing up. 

My second product is Vaseline! This product is ideal as it can be used on chapped lips, dry skin and eyelashes. Primarily I use vaseline for my lips and for the dryer patches of my face including my T zone and chin. This is perfect just before you go to bed as it really does replenish your skin after a day of wearing makeup. I'm also one of those weirdos who uses Vaseline on their eyelashes as this supposedly helps your lashes grow and thicken and as I’ve been graced with short stubby lashes this is something I’m more than happy to try!

Finally my third essential product is Jergens Skin Firming Body Lotion. So although this isn’t the cheapest body lotion around its by far my favorite and gets five stars all round. I first used this product about six months ago and have literally been obsessed ever since. This is a really moisturising product that doesn't leave your skin feeling oily but instead leaves a velvet soft feel. As well as being a super moisturiser it also has ingredients such as Elastin and Collagen which tightens your skins and makes your skins appear firmer and although I’ve only used this product for several months this was something I noticed very soon after using it! 

I really love these products and would recommend anyone with dry to normal skin to give them a go as they are all super buys that aren’t going to break the bank! 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Wolf & Badger New Designer Showcase - LFW

So with London Fashion Week behind us, we are all reminiscing on yet another fantastic week for fashion. This year, I was lucky enough to go to the Wolf & Badger new designer showcase at The Savoy Hotel, London. The event was wonderfully organised with designers such as Emmie McCourts, Wagner Arte and Lestie Lee embellishing stands  showcasing their newest work as well as their established classics. With the event exposing some of the newest design talent in the industry, it was great to see the passion many of the designers had for their label and interesting to hear where their brands were going. The event also had several catwalk presentations from the likes of Narciss, Vielma and A-Line, all of which had a chic, relaxed feel to their showcase approach. 

Packed with bloggers, editors and fashion goers, the day was executed fabulously, with exhibitors getting a taste for Stoli bespoked cocktails and creative desserts from The Meringue Girls. This stylish event not only attracted the interest of designers and buyers but also saw the stars of Made in Chelsea with Jamie Laing, Proudlock and their other cast members all making an appearance to appreciate the second day of London Fashion Week. 

A sleek event set in a fantastic venue, the overall day was a modern approach to London Fashion Week, which was highly reviewed by many key players of the fashion industry and was a very enjoyable day for everyone who attended. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

DIY - Disco Mirror

With Christmas and New Years over, the purse strings are unsurprisingly feeling slightly battered and bruised as we attempt once more to build on our savings. Sadly for me, I am feeling the affects more than ever as I find myself moving back down South for 2014. Naturally this has meant that the purse strings have been on lockdown for what seems like an eternity! So, in my bid to continue saving I have decided to get creative with some old items cluttering up our flat to produce new home decorations, while not spending any money! 

What you’ll need - 

A framed mirror
A collection of old CDs and DVD’s
Kitchen shears or very strong scissors
Glue gun or craft glue

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Be bold with GOLD!

As we find ourselves waking up to the 4th January already it appears that the post Christmas blues are upon us. As thousands of people all over the UK find their body clocks dreading Monday morning its clear that we all love that bit of sparkle Christmas brings! So, despite the New Year celebrations now being behind us I've decided that I am going add my own bit of sparkle to my wardrobe and be bold with GOLD! From shoes to nails gold seems to be a firm favorite with those in the know and after its success on this years catwalks gold looks to be a hot trend which is here to stay. I’ve been completely won over with gold this season, teamed with black it creates a chic classic look suitable for any occasion despite the festive season having been and gone! Obviously its a given that its not completely suitable to wear a sequined gold dress on your daily outing to the newsagents however, adding  some subtle gold accessories to your outfit can give you that little bit of sparkle you need. January is also a super time to bargain hunt as with high street sales offering up to 80% off theres no reason to miss out! 

1. Topshop
2. New Look
3. Topshop
4. H&M
5. New Look