Friday, 6 December 2013

Missguided Must Haves!

With more and more celebrities jumping on the high street bandwagon, it’s unsurprising the success online brands such as Missguided has had. From Little Mix to Fern Cotton Missguided has developed a vast fan base and become a well-known brand famous for their budget prices and even more so for their style!

This month Missguided have launch their newest collection ‘Peace and Love’ and for those who haven’t already seen it, WOW, your in for a treat! From jumpsuits to jackets, the line has focused on simplicity and those essential key pieces for every woman’s wardrobe. Oozing with style, the collection is filled with a mix of neutral tones from navy to white and creates a perfect palette for every wardrobe this coming winter. Focusing less on details and more on quality, Missguided have allowed themselves to play with some great high end fabrics that will last a life time without costing a small fortune! With the use of up market materials Missguided has given their newest line a chic, designer feel making the range ever more appealing. Several of the Peace and Love collection items have already sold out as it appears that the range has been well received by the public, however, with the collection bursting with over 30 pieces, there’s still plenty of time to grab something fab! Over the last few years Missguided have exceeded themselves and become a well establish retailer known for their affordable price tags. Naturally, this collection is no different as prices start at a cool £20 and ranges up to £140 for those who are wanting to treat themselves. With high end fabrics and realistic prices leading the way, the collection is set to triumph and not just with the public! The line has also been welcomed by those in the limelight as we’ve seen stars such as Nicole Scherzinger snap up a bargain or two and show off Missguideds hard work.  I’m completely and utterly obsessed by the line so far and as my wish list grows I’ve somehow managed to stop myself from clicking that devious ‘add to basket’ icon and regained some self- control. Yes before I send my bank balance into a meltdown I’ve done what a girl can only do at Christmas, asked Santa.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Why everyone should LOVE Primark!

Despite Leeds bursting with culture, I’ve convinced myself yet again that shopping is the only way to pass the time and this week I found myself with a few hours spare rummaging through the rails at Primark. Primark or Primani to a few is best known for their affordable fashion on a budget and although it may sometimes be hit and miss, when Primark get it right, they get it really right!

Following Primark’s success during this years London Fashion Week, along with its recent victory winning over the cliental at ASOS not to mention penetrating the market at Selfridges, it’s unsurprising that Primark’s at the top of its game. This season, Primark have triumphed again with their new Autumn/Winter 2013 range which has proven to be a a huge hit with the public having reached several of their larger stores already. Their success is also promised to continue as the collection is rolled out across the smaller stores by the end of this month.

The collection consists of some fantastic key pieces which are all unsurprisingly bang on trend and worthy of any woman’s wardrobe this season. Filled with chunky accessories, the collection focuses on a ‘chic grunge’ look with tartan and pleather making several appearances. The dark colour palette of the collection is ideal for this winter, twinned with warm natural colours, the overall look creates a chic fashion forward feel. Despite the collection being reminiscent of many other high street stores this season, they are certainly keeping up the Primark tradition with prices ranging from £5-£30. Not only have they produced a fabulous clothing line, they have also excelled themselves with this seasons footwear; they have most definitely proven that cut out boots and strappy heels are here to stay and definitely a must have this winter! From dresses to coats the collection has some amazing items and with fashion moving faster than ever, it’s an ideal time to save some money while still looking fantastic.

For many people, understandably, the thought of having to rummage through stacks of clothes while working up a sweat in an attempt to organise the chaos is not ideal however, this collection is definitely not to be snuffed at. With something for everyone this collection is set to continue Primark’s vanquish as they prove once again why they are amongst the leading contenders on the Great British high street.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Splurge or Save...

Being savvy with money is important to most people and with the pressure of the recession still looming on many peoples minds theres no one who knows this better than students. With thousands of students having made the move from home to universities all over the country the necessity to make something homely on a budget is key. Having lived in Southampton with the comforts of home for several years I too made the daunting move to uni all the way up to Leeds. Having never been to Leeds before and knowing nobody I focused on making my student halls into a home and despite being on a budget I realised that thanks to supermarkets who can now supply trendy yet affordable must have items for the home, it was a lot easier than I thought. Check it out...  

Oven Gloves
Glass Jar
Chopping Board

Marks and Spencers
Tea Towels

Oven Gloves
Glass Jar

Chopping Board

Tea Towels 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hibernate this Winter

So, I'm not to sure what the rest of the UKs weather is doing but its very safe to say that Leeds has said goodbye to Summer 2013. Coats are out and shorts are most definitely put away for what looks like a very long, cold winter. Despite my dislike for the winter weather theres nothing better than spending a winters evening snuggled up in front of the telly with a cup of tea!

I've always been a fan of making the most out of any space I inhabit and theres no better time to do it than now! You can find some amazing bargains on the high-street this year to completely change the feel of your home and create a warm and cozy environment. These are just a few of my favourite items I found, from Ikea to H&M everyones offering home decor on a shoe string. So get involved and give your home a facelift this winter! 

Candle Holder


Storage Basket

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Style Steal #6

Internacionale - Top - £4.00
Primark - Parka - £10.00
H&M - Shorts - £14.99
H&M - Hair Accessory- £5.99
Asos - Necklace - £6.00

Total £41.00

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Festive Fun

Already in September this Summer seems to have flown by. With Leeds, Reading and Benicassim festivals all behind us for another year I'm sad at the thought I didn't don a pair of wellies and have the chance to exfoliate myself with mud. However, for those lucky few who are grasping the last rays of sunshine of Summer 2013 there is Bestival this weekend on the Isle of White and although I'm not going I thought I'd share with you a few style ideas on a shoestring. 

Loose T


Miss Selfridge

Monday, 2 September 2013

Live in your Living Room

Summers over, its back to work and having to spend time at home while your bank account recovers. Despite being at home perhaps not being as exciting as sunbathing by a beach it can be a relaxing experience where you can enjoy some 'you time' in your own space. But, if you living room is putting you off just that, then this is the stop for you! There are so many ways to revamp your home these days and many of them can be found on a budget. These are just a few of my favourite items that can transform your Living Room into somewhere you can enjoy and quite literally want to live in!

Candle Holder 



Cushion Cover

Friday, 23 August 2013

'25 Random Facts About Myself'

OK so, having been missing in action after a very nice holiday at home attempting to tan myself and failing dismally, I’m back! Obviously despite my want to continue blogging over summer I was quite clearly unsuccessful however, now I am home and greeted with summer sale signs I will be back blogging and finding the best bargains on the high street and naturally documenting each and every triumph! Thankfully, although I’ve not got any bargains to share with you all, (as a result of being on an island for 3 weeks,) I have recently been tagged in the bloggers challenge ‘25 random facts about yourself’ which ironically came at the perfect time. So while I ready myself for the sales heres a few things you may not know about me...

1. I wear contact lenses 
Unfortunately I'm unable to walk in a straight line without the help of glasses, despite my brother having perfect vision.

2. I have size 3 feet
Ironically all my close friends also have small feet which is very handy when you need to borrow shoes! 

3. I have two dimples on the bottom of my back 
I have no idea what they are for...

4. I have 6 piercings 
All in my ears which is very boring although I did pierce 4 of them myself.

5. I cut my hair myself 
I have a slight fear of the hairdressers ever since my mum made me get a bob so I cut my hair myself and have done for about 3 years. 

6. I'm always doing my nails 
I'm a sucker for a nail varnish which is very annoying and expensive as I still always wear the same colour. 

7. I'd like a puppy called ted 
I would love a yorkshire terrier called ted but I refuse to give in as we don't have a garden for him to play in. 

8. I love Maltesers
I also wrote to Maltesers when I was younger asking them to make white malteasers but never heard back. Ironically these have now been invented and I'm clearly missing out on royalties. 

9. I love abba! 
I'm obsessed! Its so sad they broke up as I would love to see them live! 

10. My favourite shop is H&M 
Amazing value for money and always bang on trend.

11. I love rubbish television 
Jerseylicious, The Real Housewives, Jersey Couture, If its American...I love it! 

12. I hate watching sports 
Despite going to a sport school I am not remotely interested in watching sports on television, its very dull. 

13. I'm always playing with my hair
As most of my friends will known I'm constantly fiddling with my hair which infuriates my family, but I can't stop. 

14. I can click my hip joint out of place
I fell over once at school and discovered I could do it. It has also evolved into a great party trick. 

15. I hate spiders with a passion 
Quite easily the most revolting things to every grace this planet...rank. 

16. I love milk
Its the best cure for a hangover too. 

17. My favourite cosmetic range is MAC
Although I love a bargain you can't scrimp on quality. 

18. I love cooking 
Although I'm not to good at it, I love having a go despite most of my meals ending up tasting the same. 

19. My favourite meal is lasagne 
This I can cook! I love lasagne as I'm a big fan of pasta so pasta with a load of sauce and cheese is just heaven! 

20. I have a huge fear of chocolate orange
I don't know where this came from but ever since I was small looking at a Terry's Chocolate Orange sends my gag reflex into overload! 

21. My favourite alcoholic drink is a white wine spritza 
Taking after my parents I'm a spritza drinker which although makes me sound 52 rather than 22 I'm loud and proud. 

22. I'm obsessed with musicals
Having not been blessed with a voice its quite sad to know that I will never grace the Westend with my presents. 

23. My favourite city is Paris 
Having been there a few times I love the city despite being unable to say a word in French. 

24. I'm in love with Eminem
Although he is a notorious bad boy I would quite happily become Mrs Marshall. 

25. My favourite colour is nude 
I'm obsessed with nude colours but I'm attempting to branch out after constantly being made fun of by my friends due to my fear of colour.  

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Body Shop Bullseye!

Having only just recovered from my last Bodyshop haul I was surprised to see that they were having a sale already. Having seen a number of people being drawn to the shop I didn’t think much off it as I was still pretty smug with my last bargains and almost certain that they weren’t going to be beaten. Obviously being a thrifter I’m never one to shun a sale so naturally steered myself in its direction getting more excited as I began to smell the coco butter. Having reached the store it was quite clear why the sale was drawing so much attention as they seem to have out done themselves as shelves upon shelves of soaps, moisturers and body spray had there priced slashed in the name of a bargain. I was so surprised to find out that not only were most of their ranges including their makeup in the sale but there iconic body butters which usually set you back £13.00. They had a mass of variety offering several well-known scents reminiscent of the Bodyshop and each one as tempting as the last. Despite my obvious need to stop buying body lotions and perhaps call an intervention on the matter this was a thrift, and for a thrift I’m happy to bend the rules! I was however, very sensible as despite my need to purchase one of each body butter I resisted which in hindsight was a ridiculous idea as I continue to tell myself ‘they would be fantastic for gifts’. In spite of my resistance this can only be a good thing as although I intended to cover my tracks in the idea of giving them as gifts I’m more than confident they would end up being added to my long line of moistures which drive my boyfriend more insane each and every day.

Knowing that staying strong was the best option I decided to purchase one of the many body butters available and bought this lovely sweet pea smelling moisturiser that came in a duo pot. This was ideal as it has two sides to the moisturiser one that focuses on normal skin and the other focusing on dryer and more delicate skin which in this sunny weather we’re having is always handy.  I’m loving this at the moment as it’s a really soft moisturiser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or heavy. As well as that it also allows you to choose which side you want to use so it’s like having too completely different products. Although the Bodyshop butter usually sets you back £13.00 I was so excited to find out that they were only £5.00 in the sale! These are well made and very moisturising products that I would encourage anyone to try if you haven’t already done so and like I mentioned previously they are also fantastic gifts so definitely an item to stock up on. 

While in store I also found that a lot of the makeup range was in the sale and again at prices that no one could argue with. Although I was beyond tempted in almost all of their range I focused on the eyeliners as this was something I had been on the hunt for, for a while. Reduced from £5.00 I bought this dark brown eyeliner for £3.00 from the Bodyshop range. This eyeliner was perfect as its really creamy and bends well which was exactly what I was looking for. This is also a great product for people who have delicate skin or for those like me who are attacked by pollun for three months of the year and cannot help but cry when putting anything near their eyes! 

For anyone who hasn’t been to the Bodyshop I would most definitely recommend a visit as not only are their products great but their sales are fantastic and shouldn’t be missed!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Lovin'

Oh god, it's that word again, the word that provokes thousands of people a day to flock to stores around the country as they convince themselves they are so broke this is the only place willing to accept their bank cards. Primark. 

Although many people's lips curl at the thought of wearing clothing from Primark there's no denying its definitely a strong contender in the battle of the high street, and it's certainly not coming last! Over the years Primark has identified key trends and produced them at an affordable price. Obviously due to their low price tags many items are pretty basic but when they get it right, wow they get it right! 
I bought these glasses for £2.50 which if your like me and always misplacing your sunnies is great as theres no problem if you loose them or worse break them. They are also oozing style as round sunnies are definitely in this summer and can transform any bland looking outfit into a fashion frenzy. In spite of their rounded style they don’t shout Willy Wonka which is great, if like me, your condemned with a round chubby face as they are actually quite flattering.

As well as sunnies Primark are also selling denim shorts for £5! Having seen these in store I bought them with the idea of bringing them back the following week as I was convinced they were going to insist on baring my back side to the city of Leeds. Surprisingly they are weren’t ‘hot pants’ at all and are actually a great length and at £5 I couldn't resist so bought myself both the blue denim and white pair! 

This summer Primark are also stocking some great summer dresses which have even got me interested despite my need to cover my legs at all times! I bought this mint green summer dress for £12, which although for me was pushing the boat out, was a complete bargain as not only do I love it but I also wore it to my cousins summer wedding and received a number of complements! This is a fantastic dress for the day time and as a result of the lace detail can be just as complementary in the evening. 

I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to spruce up their summer wardrobe on a budget to give primark a go as its a key contender for fast fashion on a shoe string! 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Make Up Must Haves...

So this weekend I found myself in the thriving city of Manchester visiting my younger brother who's preparing himself for Future Works film school this September. Although kipping in halls made me massively miss my first year and give me an overwhelming feeling of jealousy towards my brother as he does it all over again, I loved meeting so many of his friends who also shared an interest in film and all had a variety of talents and interests.

While introducing me to a team of friends working on a film with him I was lucky enough to meet a well established make up artist who flew to stardom on YouTube sharing her talents with the world through online tutorials. Anchal Seda began as a theatrical makeup artist which is a science in itself, this gradually escalated to makeup tutorials after she was bombarded by requests on her YouTube channel. Anchal has worked with a vast amount of brands and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to makeup. She has also most recently become the winner of  the Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp competition on YouTube presented by Youtube celebrity Pixiwoo. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Anchal while in Manchester and although being a Mac girl at heart she also has a keen interest in high street brands and was kind enough to introduce me to her makeup must haves on a budget!

I absolutely love the products Anchal picked out as being a make up artist she can appreciate and understand the subtle differences between brands and know which is the best quality for your money! Check out what Anchal had to say in the video below and remember to subscribe!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Don't be a MUG!

Wow, wow, wow! OK so yet again I found myself aimlessly sat on Youtube trawling through hundreds of videos, from makeup tutorials to shopping hauls. Despite being sat for at least an hour, I couldn’t resist clicking on yet another suggestion of what Youtube thinks I might like, which ironically I usually do and the process starts again. On this occasion it offered a range of creative ideas to make your own household items on a budget. Although I love watching creative videos and find them particularly interesting, I rarely bat an eyelid especially when I’m greeted with a three page ‘what you’ll need list’. Anyway, despite many of the ideas requiring the assistance of a glue gun I finally stumbled across one idea which required only a mug and a sharpie pen. I clicked on the link convinced that at some point down the line I would need a chainsaw or some other tool I surprisingly don’t have lying around my house, but thankfully nope, just a mug and pen. I was then blown away by the video which continued to show a woman draw her own design onto a mug with a sharpie pen and secure the design in place by cooking the mug in an oven for 20 minutes. This idea was so cheap and easy I needed to have a go myself! 

Having already got a sharpie pen lying around the house I decided to visit my local pound land in the search for a mug. Naturally these were easily sourced in pound land at 50p so I splashed out on six in the knowledge that it wasn’t the end of the world if a mistake was made. I began by sketching a few designs onto each mug which made it really easy as I could easily rub out any errors I made. Having drawn on my designs, I finally plucked up the courage to start with the sharpie pen which again was actually very simple as you can also remove any mistakes you make with a baby wipe or nail varnish remover. Once finishing the mugs I put these in the oven at 200°c for 20 minutes which secures the design. Having said this I still would not recommend putting them in the dishwasher. 

Having finished my designs I absolutely love the end result. They are so simple and really effective as well as being completely unique. This is a great idea for gifts if your on a tight budget as you can design the mug for the individual depending on the occasion. As well as that, you can also use the same technique on plates, bowls and other china household goods. I would recommend this to anyone who fancies getting creative for a day as it’s really cheap and anyone can do it!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Head over Heels....

Yet again I find myself surrounded by clothes after yet another after work browse that turned into a purchase as a result of instant love for yet another pair of shoes. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am a sucker for a pair of stilettos and despite having numerous pairs I have the ability to convince myself that adding one more pair to my collection is an innocent act of love while my boyfriend confirms once again I don’t need them. But, with a price tag as low as this who can complain! 

I’ve been after a simple black pair of stilettos for a while after seeing Miranda Kerr wearing a pair at London Fashion Week. I fell in love with them there and then as not only are they so simple and elegant but they go with everything! Now, obviously I was aiming for a pair slightly cheaper than Kerrs £800 Louboutins and being a thrifter I was excited for the chase! I started my search in New Look having always been a huge fan of their fantastic shoe collection however, with heels getting bulkier and higher I was struggling to locate a sleek, slim pair of stiletto heels. Determined not to accept defeat I continued to search the high street from Internacionale to Topshop but as the price persisted to increase I was having no such luck! Thankfully Leeds is blessed with a large and somewhat tidy Primark store, which you can usually count on having the latest up to date items straight from production. Having finally pushed my way through the humid sea of people and battled my way to the shoe section I saw my ideal pair of shoes. In spite of this my joy was particularly short lived as I found only one left foot in a size 6 which was completely useless as I was in need of both the right and left foot in a size 3. Convinced I had finally found the perfect pair I continued to search the shop top to bottom in the hope of stumbling across my size. Unfortunately I kept hitting that giant brick wall that pops up every so often when you’re a thrifter, but thankfully I found a size 4 which despite being slightly roomy, with the help of Primarks adjustable insole for £1 I accepted defeat and bought the shoes! 

I finally had the perfect pair setting me back just £8! These are a fantastic buy as they go with almost everything and are really comfortable to wear. They are also a great shoe to chuck on for a quick change before rushing out the house and have the ability to make every outfit look elegant. As well as that, and more importantly for me they look great with a pair of jeans!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Thrift Twin

So, after many slating the idea of being able to find high end fashion on a shoe string I've decided to introduce Thrift Twin. This will aim to copy styles from various celebrities to prove that if you look hard enough its possible to duplicate their style on a budget! 

This week I'm looking at Aluna Francis in the AlunaGeorge Video 'Your Drums, Your Love' and considering her necklace alone is £300, I think I was able to duplicate something very similar in appearance, but worlds apart in price! 

Find her Style...
Hi Top Heels - £29.99
3D Necklacce -£13.00

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sheer Genius...

It's bizarre to think that we are already in June and technically at the start of summer. This is mainly a strange thought as I’m not sure about the rest of the UK but Leeds has no idea what June should look like; one minute it's blazing sunshine and the next rain clouds and hail! It's definitely fair to say Leeds is renowned for its cold and dismal weather so any sunshine is a bonus! In spite of this, while writing this post the sun has now emerged outside and is ironically slightly toasting my back! 

With Leeds never knowing what weather to produce it’s hard to know when to put away your knitwear and revive your denim shorts. Luckily there are several items of clothing that are Summer, Spring and Winter friendly. I'm always a fan of a sheer scarf as it can look chic and fashionable as well as providing a little protection to any harsh winds should they arrive. It's also a great transitional item from spring to summer, and allows you to dress for warmer weather without passers by muttering 'she's got to be chilly!' 

There are some great scarf designs about and definitely a style for everyone. One of my favorite places to go for a sheer scarf is Primark, as they have some great designs and with prices starting at £2 you really can't afford not to grab yourself a bargain! 

I bought this scarf from Primark for £3 having seen it on Instagram. I absolutely love the design and think the £3 price tag was even more incredible. This scarf is a really easy way to create a fashion savvy look to any outfit and great to keep in your handbag for a quick change. 

I would definitely recommend this simple yet affective addition to anyones wardrobe, particularly those who, like me are restricted by the typical British weather. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer Statement...

Okay, so this year (at least so far) has clearly been about one key fashion piece which you can now find almost anywhere, a good old statement necklace! 

With chain and neon styles taking over, a statement necklace has the ability to brighten up any casual look or knock out evening glam! Since coming into fashion I have been obsessed by their ability to completely change an outfit and naturally having given into their charm and now own several, despite only having one neck. Their biggest appeal for me is their varied price tags and ability to be bought on a budget. With Celine’s ID chain retailing at just over £1000 you may think you'd struggle to find anything similar on a shoe string but thanks to the high street it's allowed us little people to indulge ourselves and even provoke those who aren't into a bargain to flutter with fast fashion. 

I bought this chain statement necklace for £7.00 from H&M who are brilliant when it comes to budget jewelry as not only is the quality good but they have a mass of styles, and something to suit everyone! I’m also a big fan of New Look who are always quick to spot a trend and just as quick to produce it for everyone to enjoy! They also have great sales where your always able to grab yourself a couple of bargains worth shouting about. As well as these, Primark has also jumped on the bandwagon and have some amazing necklaces in store under their new limited edition range that are affordable and bang on trend! 

Statement necklaces are definitely a key piece for this summers wardrobe and with Primark and other high street stores luring you with budget price tags there's no reason to not get in on the act!